70×100 cm

oil on canvas

This painting was inspired by my mother.

This painting was inspired by my mother.
I have been a very self-righteous, rebellious young girl since I was 15 years old. If my parents wouldn’t let me go to the party, after they fell asleep, I climbed out the window and I went without permission.They didn't know what to do with me. Many times I went home very drunk. There was a time I fell through the door…
… I caused them a lot of bitterness.

Several times I went home drunk in the morning and found my mother kneeling in front of the bed praying in tears for me. To come home safely and change my mindset. She had to wait for many, many years for this, but She did not give up and did not stop praying for me.
I am very grateful to God that She is my mother!

My mother is not a worldly woman, she doesn’t know much about science, she doesn’t graduate from many universities… but for me it’s a real example of love, faith, hope, perseverance, She is a real warrior. A warrior who fights her battles on her knees, praying.