About the artist

Ruth Schmidt (née Ilonka Ruth), born in 1982 in Transylvania, now lives and works in Budapest.

If they ask her how long she has been painting, she would say since 2017, even though she started earlier, attending several drawing and painting classes. These years before 2017, she prefers to call “experiments.”

The years 2017-2021 she calls ‘The Learning Years’ in which she produced vast amount of study paintings in many styles.
She particularly likes the works of Piet Mondrian, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Albert Bierstadt, Rembrandt van Rijn, Karoly Marko …. The names bear witness she enjoyed experimenting with different styles and techniques. These can be seen mainly in her eclectic study paintings, where she uses a mixture of features from various ages, styles, and trends. Her admiration for Warhol and Mondrian can be seen in her pop art and Mondrian-inspired geometric figurative paintings

In 2020 she started to paint her paintings on symbolist and surrealist themes, in realistic style. She found herself in them.

Her teacher, Kálmán Gasztonyi, writes about her:

“Ruth Schmidt draws on the knowledge of the masters of past centuries, using their painting techniques to address the people of the 21st century. Her works, painted with the biggest professional shyness and fantastic precision, provide an aesthetic visual experience that is unmistakably unique to her. The paintings are narratives where the bare experience gets enriched with stories and feelings. Ruth’s basic nature is fun, a positive worldview, humour. Unfortunately, humour is having less and less space in contemporary painting, even though it is one of the greatest gifts of our lives. Fortunately, the Creator was generous with this gift to Ruth. The depiction of divine power also appears in her paintings, as her faith is very important to her. Her painting is perhaps best characterized by symbolism, but surrealism also appears occasionally. After all her ‘study paintings’ we will not find in her work a simple still life, or landscape or classically planned compositions. There is always a ‘twist’ by Ruth out there that transcends and makes the realistic painting to art.

Ruth’s talent, diligence, and sense of purpose have many, many more excellent paintings in store for us.”


She try to use her paintings not only to copy the visible world, but to transmit thoughts and feelings, to capture the intangible world like affection, child-like faith, human cooperation, God-to-human relationship, grief, hope, love, loss, pain and humour.. Her symbolist paintings, which strike sometimes into surrealism "speak the unspeakable". Tey are based on her own experiences, situations and concepts, and because each of them is a small piece of her soul. She paints with oil on canvas.

They are based on her own experiences, situations and concepts, and because each of them is a small piece of her soul. She paint with oil on canvas.

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” (Henry Ward Becher)


2024- Hungary (Miskolc) - Organised by MÖM (Hungarian Workshop of Arts) and the International Humanitarian Alliance - "You can only see well with your heart." (January)

2022 - Romania (Szentegyháza)- Gábor Áron House of Culture- "The great journey" (July)

2021 - Hungary (Budapest) - Titok Gallery- "Through different eyes" (October)

2020 - Hungary (Budapest)- Schmidt Ruth Paintings- independent gallery and studio- permanent exhibition (from March 2020)

2017 - Hungary (Budapest) -Duna Plaza- "Development"


2024- USA (New York) - New York Art Expo - Represented by Artavita & Worlwide Art (April)

2024- Italy (Lavagna)- Con-Temporary Art Obesrvatorium - "The Art of Freedom 2."

2024- Hungary (Budapest)- Dávid Gallery 2. - "Papillon Carnevale"

2024 - USA (St. Petersburg) - Poynter Park - "Embracing our differences 2." (March)

2024 - USA (Sarasota) - Florida's Bayfront Park - "Embracing our differences" (January-March)

2023 - France (Paris), Carousel de Louvre- Salon International D'art Contemporain (October)

2023- United Kingdom (London) - The 6th London Art Biennale (July)

2023 - United Kingdom (London), Holy Art Gallery (July)

2023 - Hungary (Budapest)- Teravarna Gallery (Los Angeles, USA) and Golden Duck Gallery (Budapest) -artBIAS - First International Art Show

2023 - Spain (Madrid)- Gaudi Arte Gallery - "The brushstrokes of freshness" (April)

2023 - Hungary (Budapest)- Golden Duck Gallery- "The First Catalogue"

2023- France (Nice) - Nice Art Expo - International Art Exhibition- represented by the Spanish Gaudi Arte Gallery - Madrid, (April)

2023 - Hungary (Budapest) - Golden Duck Gallery- "Art for Peace" (February)

2022 – United Kingdom (London) – New Artist fair- The Truman Brewery –(September)

2022 - Hungary (Budapest)- Szimpla Kert (Jancsó Art Gallery)- "Spring in the city" (April)

2022 - United Kingdom (Newark)- Thoresby Gallery- "Universal Human Values"(February)

2021 - USA (New York) - People and Paintings Gallery- "Vulnerable" (online)

2021 - USA (New York) - People and Paintings Gallery- "Our image of God and our transcendent world" (online)

2020 - Canada (Toronto)- Tall Sequoia Gallery- "Artists of the world" (online)

2020 - USA (Arizona, Scottsdale)- Camelback Gallery- "Amazing Animals" - (online)

2019 - Hungary (Budapest) - The Zsilip Art Center- "Flora and Fauna"


2023 - Budapest- Novart Culture and Arts Magazine (June 18) -online article


2024 - Hungary (Miskolc) - Miskolc Diary - Volume XXI Issue 4 (27 January)

2024 - Hungary - BOON (Borsod- Abauj- Zemplen Country News Portal) (January 27)

2023- Hungary (Budapest) - RTL TV- "Célirány" -report (26 November)

2023- Hungary (Budapest) - Művész Ma, Culture and Arts Magazine, online (29 July)

2023 - Hungary (Budapest) - ARTsCAP Contemporary Art Magazin 2023/2/XI appearance (“Art for peace” exhibition)

2022 - Budapest- ARTsCAP Contemporary Art Magazine 2022/1/X appearance ("Human Gold" Exhibition)

2021 - Hungary (Budapest) - On Karc Fm 105.9 Rádio, “Paholy” ( converastion with Antal Marosi) - (theme „With different eyes” -solo exhibition)

2017 - Hungary (Budapest) - On Karc Fm 105.9 Radio, “Paholy” -converastion with Antal Marosi – (theme „Development” -solo exhibition)



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2024- United States of America (Sarasota)- Embracing our differences 2024

2023 - Modern Art Masters in Louvre Complex- MOCAMAG Museum and Gallery- (Austria)

2023 - A 6th The London Art Biennale - UK (London)

2023 - Fine Arts Capital - "First Catalogue" - Hungary (Budapest)

2022- Thoresby Gallery- Universal Human Values - UK (Newark)

2020 - Creativ Guts Zine- Spring edition - USA (Newfields, New Hampshire)


2024- USA (Sarasota) - "Embracing our differences" - Contest - People's Choice Award

2023- France (Lyon)- Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine Competition- "Artistic Excellence" Award (December)

2023- United States of America (Santa Barbara)- World Wide Art/ Artavita Competition - first place (October)

2023- United Kingdom (London), selected as one of the artists of the 6th London Art Biennale

2023 – USA (Los Angeles)- Teravarna Gallery- “7th Animal” –International competition, Talent Award (June)

2023 – Hungary (Budapest)- Teravarna Gallery (Los Angeles, USA) and Golden Duck Gallery – (Budapest)- artBIAS- First International Art Show- “Special Jury Award” (second place) (June)

2021 - United States of America (New York) - People and Paintings Gallery- "Vulnerable" Painting Competition- Audience Award

2019 – Hungary (Budapest) - Zsilip Art Center painting competition- “Fauna and Flora”- audience vote (professional category) – Best in show

2019 – Hungary (Budapest) - The Zsilip Art Center painting competition (professional category) - second place


Fine Arts Capital Art Association membership from 2022

From 2024 membership of MÖM (Hungarian Workshop for the Arts)

ArtistsTerem membership from 2024

VAA (Visual Artsts Association UK) membership from 2024


Private collections:

Australia, UK, Romania, Germany, Spain, Hungary


David Art Gallery - Hungary (Budapest)

Golden Duck Gallery- Hungary (Budapest)

Hunagrian European Artist- United Kingdom