Signed art prints

"Giclée printing is a new, modern way of printing art that meets the highest expectations of artists, collectors and museums.
For this reason, giclée artistic printing is already equivalent to the more well-known traditional printing techniques – etching, screen printing and lithography (e.g. Rembrandt also used etching technique to create reproductions of his drawings).

In several museums and galleries around the world, Giclée reproduction prints are exhibited instead of original works. This confirms that giclée is already accepted in the international art market.

Giclée artistic prints are the highest quality printed products available today and are made using the latest technology. However, giclée is not only a technique, but also an art publishing method: the artist can make a unique or bound series of printed works of art about his computer graphics, digital photography, or the digitized reproduction of an existing work.
The process of creating giclée print is a creative collaboration between the artist and the printer master, in which the artist checks every detail of the process.

The term giclée print (the original meaning of a French word splurge) has become synonymous with the most modern inkjet printing technique.

The dream of making copies of our works of such high quality that they can hardly be distinguished from the original has become a reality.

Customers love a limited number of images because they are authenticated by the liner in addition to the signature. Because of this, they are even willing to pay more for the image of an unknown creator when they see that the image will no longer be available for purchase one day..

The artist selling his paintings in his own edition can obviously offer his paintings to a larger group of interested parties if he has an alternative to selling his paintings at a lower price. Thus, you will not be forced to lower the price of the original work or even deest it! Copies of a series release make the image more familiar, so its original value is increasing. By cleverly combining size, raw material, and closed series copies, you can start spending from the same image to different wallets.
From the pictures of our creators we can make a variety of products, from postcards to stretched canvas pictures – but there is also the original work – so they can offer artefacts or souvenirs at various points of sale.

Like all painted, drawn and printed works of art, the most important authentic element of the giclée artistic print is the artist's handwritten signature. For a series, numbering instances is also an important element.

The printed work of art may be made in a single copy, in a closed or open series. Copies of a closed series of printed works shall be considered to be identical works of art if the specimens are identical in the following respects:
• Creator's name
• Title of the work
• Size of the work
• The raw material on which the print is made
• Total number of copies (it is useful to indicate the number of creator copies of EA)
On printed copies, the most important element is the signature of the creator, or the stamp print used in its place, the dry stamp imprint – or a combination of the former.

A certificate is an authentic letter of an artistic printout. It contains data on closed series and individual copies, as well as a statement by the creator and publisher that no more than the specified number of copies is produced from the work in question. It shows the date of publication of the work, which may be the date of acceptance of the proof or the date the first copy was completed.

We keep a record of the specimens of the individual and closed series of prints made with us. In order for the certificate issued by us to be authentic, we must monitor copies of all giclée editions, the continuous numbering. The administrations of the publication of works of art are led under the name Pigmenta Publishing House. Each print will be labelled with an identification hologram with its registration number in addition to the Pigmenta Publisher logo. A copy of the label is affixed to the certificate to ensure that the printout and its certificate are connected with this even label.
Pigmenta Publishing's certificate is created with special graphics that protect against copying on banknotes. It contains information in Hungarian and English, in addition to the signatures, it also contains the hologram identification label and the imprint of our stamp." - Pigmenta Publishing House