"An exhibition was opened at the THORESBY GALLERY in the United Kingdom with the participation of Hungarian Artists – Human Gold – Our Universal Human Values.

THORESBY GALLERY has invited the theme of the exhibition to its events for the second time. This year 33 works by 11 Hungarian artists will be on display. The works demonstrate a mature artistic commitment. The artists featured in the exhibition have articulated their message at a high artistic level as committed to the theme, which is very topical in our time. We would like to congratulate all artists for presenting truly high-quality and varied works. Figurative paintings can be found in the exhibition as well as depictions of nature and abstract works. Thoresby Park has hosted cultural events and community and family gatherings for decades. The Human Gold exhibition, which can be seen for a month, is a high-quality event in the park's series of events. "

David Norbert– Fine Arts Capital