Man with Golden Helmet (after Rembrandt)


60×50 cm
23.62×19.69 in
oil on canvas
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Rembrandt - originally known as Rembrandt Harmensson van Rijn - (1606-1696) is one of the best known painters in the world, one of the most prominent 17th century Dutch artists. He's probably my biggest favorite painter. His works were created during what art historians call the Dutch Golden Age, or the "Golden Century," or simply the Rembrandt era (about the middle third of the 17th century). He was impressed by the excitement of painting. We can’t call it a conscious realist or an expressive artist - Rembrandt simply sensed the magic. One of the main features of his work is the light-shadow game,frequent use of strong contrasts, which almost engages the viewer in the painting. This is what most amazes me in him. We can also highlight the sensitivity, with which he depicted people. 

Of his portraits stands out the Man with golden helmet.

I made this study painting based on his painting.


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